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Our Services

As the world is evolving the business trends are changing. Now you have to go that extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. At m Hussain Rice Mills. We believe that the quality of your services should be as good the quality of product, it provides your customer with the confidence to build long term relationship. All the year round we provide our customer with in the depth market knowledge about pricing, supply / demand scenarios, future price predictions and reports about upcoming crops. We achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring that customer is satisfied, and create a trouble free problem solving environment. We offer a complete supply chain management service to our customer. Our on time delivery of shipment and third party quality certifications ensure that all orders are executed to customer satisfaction.


M Hussain Rice Mills has been exporting rice to over 15 countries all over the World with more than 100 quality conscious customers who understand rice very well and appreciate our qualities. We also have our agents in these countries who book orders for us and this remains the core competency of the firm.


Plant and Machinery

Our Products

We see quality as our key ingredient.

M Hussain Rice Mills selects only the best Rice / raw materials from our world renowned basmati.