Private Label

Our Partners has more than 150 corporate customers and partners worldwide. Our partners reflect our ethical and sustainable values in business. 

Private labelling for its customers across the globe. We currently export various private label brands to over 60 countries including UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UK, USA, Canada and many others.

We provide end to end service of product sourcing, processing, packaging, label design and marketing strategies to over 150 corporate clients. Our entire value and production change is transparent and open to our clients for transparency. We ensure quality traceability in all our products, providing premium quality service and products, along with all required certifications.


Our Brands

Bahar Narang

Super Kernel Basmati Rice is one of the superior types of Basmati Rice cultivated in the foothills of the Pakistan. Regularly made Super Kernel Basmati Rice is a main in almost every curve of the world and slight flavor-delighted poor & rich equally in all situations.

TAK Narang

Having a longer grain, this rice variety is appropriate for the rice lovers who enjoy slightly dry types of cuisines Nevertheless, due to the superiority over other long grain varieties, PK- 386 is one of the most demanded non- basmati varieties.

Bahar Narang
Sella 1121

Our most selling Product is 1121 Sella rice premium quality Extra Long Grain. We produce the best quality 1121 Sella rice in Pakistan. We never compromise on quality, quantity, packaging that’s why our customer’s are satisfied with our services.

Steam Rice

1121 Steam Basmati Rice has long length, is clean and quick to cook. The grains undergo the steaming process in which the paddy layer of rice is removed and white grain is exposed. 1121 Steam Rice are heat resistant and do not break or crack on cooling.